UPCOMING: June 2020, Durham NC   POSTPONED
June 13-22, 2019 at The Tank NYC
Produced by Delta Boys Theater Company
Synopsis: Part devised play, part surreal horror show centered on a squadron of warriors who use their feminine intuition, rage, rituals & nature power to wage war.

Artist Soapbox interview: Putting Horror on Stage


Poster design by Lauren Kerr

an original play by Mara Thomas
world premiere 31 August 2017
produced by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern

Synopsis: Four punk rockers tumble out of the van in the early ’80s. With no rules and no road map, they navigate the beer- and piss-stained music scene of their youth as well as their lives and legacy 20 years later.

Full show on Vimeo, filmed 14 September 2017 at The Pinhook in Durham.

INDY Week cover feature
Interview on Artist Soapbox
Interview on WUNC’s The State of Things
Interview on WHUP’s Lights Up
Interview on WCOM’s CPF Radio Hour

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