About Mara

Hello and welcome!
I’m an actor, writer, musician and teaching artist based in Durham, NC. Voice actor with SoundTrax. Currently making noise in the punk groups Bandage and Cold Cream. Blogger and creative workshop facilitator for Artist Soapbox. See below for ASBX resource links.

Recent Creative Residencies:
Drop Forge & Tool; Hudson, NY (March 2019)
Turkey Land Cove Foundation; Edgartown, MA (April/May 2019)

writing: YEAR OF THE MONKEY | the tank nyc (june 13-15, 20-22)

*please consider supporting our crowdfunding effort for MONKEY!*

running: Grandma’s Marathon, Duluth MN #yowza (june 22)
music: Cold Cream // Permanent Makeup (Tampa) // Mock Identity (DC) | dye pretty salon, winston-salem (july 6)
music: Cold Cream // DE()T // Sneakers Award | cat’s cradle back room (july 13)



Blog posts and podcast episode about the Creative Accountability Group:

  1. Take your work seriously: put Creative Resistance on notice!
  2. Better Together: A Creative Accountability Group debrief with Mara and Tamara
  3. Ask WHY to create opportunities for compassion

Blog posts about creativity resources:

  1. Cleaning house: Making space for creativity
  2. Nourish your creative self: Give your creative self a lift with something beautiful
  3. The importance of physical practice: Get out of your head and into your body

Blog posts about creative obstructions that present themselves when you’re on your creative path:

  1. Impostor Syndrome: Who do I think I am? Why even try?
  2. Perfectionism: I’m so afraid that my creation will not be perfect that I never actually do it.
  3. Comparison: I’ll never be as good as that person. I should probably quit.
  4. Distraction: I’ve convinced myself that all these other things have priority over my creativity.