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Healing is possible.
Let’s take a step
together toward our
collective liberation.

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Somatic-based support for the queer community

It’s time for a new system. It’s time to remove barriers between care and the people who need it. It’s time to build the future – a future that no longer has us stuck in our trauma but, rather, equips us to transform it. As we all work together toward this future, I am offering mental health support to you, my fellow dreamers, creators & lovers of life.

A bit about me & why this exists

For the past 20 years, I have been in and around the incredible creative community of the Triangle. Through music, writing, and theater I have sensed a common theme: Disruption. Right now I am participating in systems that I actively want to disrupt, including a higher education program and profession that maintain classist, hierarchical paradigms.

I know we’re in a transitional phase, in some ways still needing the old credentials to get a part in the script that we will rewrite. While I pursue those mainstream credentials, I am committed to training in and offering healing modalities that honor other wisdom traditions and the inherent divinity of all bodies.

Where I’m Training / What I’m Learning

Grad Student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (NC State Counselor Education Program)

Crisis Responder for Crisis Text Line and the Durham Crisis Response Center

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner-In-Training
(Somatic Experiencing International)

Attachment Theory with Diane Poole Heller

Values Statement

This space is unequivocally queer-affirming and anti-racist. I am committed to continual interrogation, interruption and disruption of the systems that surround us. As a white person, my unlearning will never be complete. As a queer person, it’s my mandate to question everything I’ve been taught and everything I thought I knew.

Services & Cost

Somatic-Based Mental Health Support
$50 per session (approx one hour)
Somatic Experiencing® is a trauma-informed modality geared toward regulating the nervous system. Do you feel like you’re perpetually on high alert? Does the weight of life have you feeling immobilized? Somatic Experiencing® helps us shift out of these states where our nervous systems feel stuck in the “on” or “off” position. Regulation *is* possible.

Please note: This is not diagnostic therapy. I cannot accept insurance nor provide reimbursement paperwork. I am — and will always be — a student. Though I am currently receiving instruction and consultation from experienced professionals, I hold no professional license. While I gain experience, I also want to offer support to my community. This won’t be for everyone, but if you’ve read this far it might be for you.

Services offered in-person in Durham (I am fully vaxxed) or virtually. I accept Venmo, Paypal or cash.