Pay What You Can

How does it work?

It is a core value of mine to directly support accessible therapy for all. In cases where we both agree we are a good client-therapist fit, but my standard rate is out of financial capacity, I am generally able to offer to meet you where you are in ability to pay. I do not require any financial documentation from you, and we will handle all discussion of fees with a simple human-to-human conversation.

If I may not be the right therapist for you, if my practice is full, and/or if I am unable to accommodate a manageable PWYC fee for you, I am happy to help you with referrals to other resources.

As we collaborate on your fee, I ask you to consider

  • The amount that feels right for you
  • The ripple effect of supporting a community-care model
  • The range of self-pay fees for Somatic Experiencing Practitioners in this area ($125-$200)
  • The amount I need to make per session before I see any profit ($64)
  • The 15% self-employment tax
  • The additional work that happens outside of session
  • Ongoing requirements for continuing education, supervision, and consultation

For more information, here is a lovely interview about PWYC therapy models:
Pay What You Can: An Alternative to a Sliding Scale Fee